Intensive Care Essentials

Learning modules for Junior Doctors

This website is intended for junior doctors in Australia/New Zealand that are about to start an Intensive Care (ICU) rotation.

The learning modules, with practical topics in easy-to-follow formats, are designed for understanding the foundations of Critical Care medicine. The modules assume very little knowlegde of Critical Care Medicine. We make no apologies for this, as it is our intention to start from a very basic level.

However, in order to keep up with patient issues and management plans you will need to be familiar with some key concepts and new terminologies.

Because all beginnings are difficult

Your first days in ICU can be daunting. The patients are very ill, with multiple aspects needing attention. As part of the team, it is important that you are familiar with patients’ key issues. The reasons for this are:

  • Typically you will be responsible for documenting ward round discussions and management plans. The aim is for clear and thorough documentation (other people reading the notes should understand the thought process).
  • When the more experienced clinicians are busy with other emergencies, in ICU or elsewhere in the hospital, you may be required to manage the other ICU patients.
  • It is our hope that the modules provided will allow you to follow the discussions during ward rounds early on in your rotation, understanding the reasons of why certain things are done, and to build on this knowledge as you spend more time in ICU.